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COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program

The COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) provides a one time, on-bill credit to eligible residential electricity customers to help them catch up on their energy bills and resume regular payments.

To view the program eligibility requirements Click HERE.

To apply for the program Click HERE.

You can send us your application by one of the following methods:

By mail at:
Hearst Power Distribution Corporation Ltd.
Postal Bag 5000
Hearst, ON  P0L 1N0

By email at: service@hearstpower.com

By fax at: 705-362-5902

By bringing it directly to our office at:
925 Alexandra Street
Hearst, ON

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Hearst Power Distribution Company Limited has applied to raise its electricity distribution rates

Hearst Power has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for new rates effective May 1st, 2021.  Please see the following document for details --> OEB [Read more...]
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2019-2020 Electrical Safety Survey

2019-2020 Electrical Safety Survey Winners - Prizes were drawn on April 20th, 2020: Irene Menard: 600$ France Ayotte: 100$ Larry Wesley: 100$ M[Read more...]
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2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey is now closed and the prizes were drawn December 18th, 2019. The winners are : 1 - Rejeanne Beger: 500$ All North 2 - Rejanne Goulet: 10[Read more...]
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Public Awareness of Electricity Safety Survey

The survey is now closed and the prizes were drawn April 16th, 2018. The winners are : - Maryse Gauvin : 600$ - Chantal Côté : 25$ - Huguette Paquett[Read more...]
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Smart Meters Certification - 2018

To ensure smart meters' continued performance and accuracy, starting in January 2018, Hearst Power Distribution will randomly select and replace a num[Read more...]




Electricity Support Program

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