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Hearst Power Distribution Company Limited is a local distribution company (LDC) incorporated under the laws of Ontario.  The company owns and operates the electricity infrastructure, distributing electricity to homes and businesses within its service area in the Town of Hearst.

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Electricity rates and prices

Electricity used on weekends and holidays is charged the off-peak price.

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Time is:

 Off-peak Rate - 6.5¢



Planting a tree, building a deck or a fence? Contact ON1Call first to get a locate so you can dig safely. Remember, you are liable for any damage or injury caused by interfering with any buried infrastructure.

Request your free locate online or call 1-800-400-2255.  They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* Allow 5 working days for all your locating requests.

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2018 Distribution Rate Adjustments Application

Hearst Power Distribution Company Ltd. has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for approval of its 2018 Distribution Rates Adjustments effective May 1[Read more...]
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Ontario Fair Hydro Plan

The Fair Hydro Act, 2017 puts in place a number of measures to implement the Ontario government's Fair Hydro Plan.  It establishes the framework under[Read more...]
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Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

The Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) was developed by the Ontario Energy Board to help reduce electricity bills for lower-income households.[Read more...]
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The scorecards measure how well Ontario's electricity distributors are performing each year. Review Hearst Power Distribution's 2016 scorecard[Read more...]




Electricity Support Program

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